It was a great day, Saturday 25th of July 2020, with fine conditions and just the right ground for a fast paced cross country over a 1KM loop course. With everyone starting together, it made for a massive start line with old and young off the line together. The shortest distance was 2KM for the U12 and younger age groups, 3KMs for U18 to U14 age grades, 4KMs for Women and Masters Men 60+ and finally 5KMs for the Seniors and Masters Men 35 – 59.

Initial results (Senior’s results coming soon)

Under 8 Boys
1st Harri Brown
2nd Mario Comenech-Beltran

Under 10 Girls
1st Zara Percasky
2nd Angel Shaw

Under 12 Boys
1st Gwilym Jones
2nd Sam Cook
3rd Dustin Shaw
4th Fergus Booth
5th Quinn Edmondson

Under 12 Girls
1st Vanessa Flynn
2nd Kiera O’Donnell
3rd Ashlee Hazlett
4th Greer Ireland

Under 14 Girls
1st Brynne Gordon
2nd Sophie Booth
3rd Sophie Symons-Edwards

Under 14 Boys
1st Joel Allott
2nd Silas Jones
3rd Will Allott
4th Harry Sworn
5th Thomas Zinzan

Under 16 Girls
1st Maddie Sharpe
2nd Kiera Hall
3rd Elspeth McGuinness
4th Tayla Hills
5th Hannah Hughes

Under 16 Boys
1st Angus Sevier
2nd Liam O’Donnell
3rd Finn Allott
4th Josh Loose

Under 18 Boys
1st Louie Howell
2nd Matthew Clarke

Junior Women U20
1st Hannah Bayliss

Senior Men
1st Thomas Coleman
2nd Chris Pike

Masters Women 35-59
1st Fiona Gilroy
2nd Robyn Daly

Masters Men 35-49
1st Gareth Edmondson
2nd Rod Brown (Guest)
3rd Peter Bayliss

Masters Men 50-59
1st Rob Howell
2nd Dave Riddough
3rd Rick Harlow

Masters Women 60-64
1st Bernie Jago

Masters Women 65+
1st Shirley Rolston
2nd Colleen Donaldson

Masters Men 70-79
1st Greg Harney
2nd Peter King
3rd Glyn Williams

Masters Men 80+
1st John Gordon
2nd John Eastmond
3rd John Caughley