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Congratulations on choosing our club, soon to be your club. We have club memberships to suit everyone!

Membership Portal

Athletics New Zealand maintain the membership portals for all New Zealand based clubs. The following link will take you to the Port Hills Athletic membership portal and provide you with the options to either renew your membership or join Port Hills Athletic for the first time. If you are a member of another club and wish to transfer to Port Hills Athletic, please get in touch via our Contact page and let us know your details and we’ll arrange the transfer first.

Membership Information

Some of the options for joining can be a bit confusing, so the following information is provided to help you understand what each of the terms mean.

Membership Period
When you join the club, your membership is active from April 1st to March 31st the following year. If you’re considering joining in late February, we’d suggest you hold off joining until April 1st as you’d only have 1 month membership. We’re happy for you to come along to any of the training sessions to see what the club is about for that period without any charge. Please get in touch with the appropriate trainer as listed alongside the club week.

Registered Athlete
A registered athlete is anyone who wishes to compete at either centre or national level in any competitive events. NOTE: There are sometimes available one off sanction fees for non-registered athletes if you’re only planning on competing in a single event. You can also upgrade during the season from the category of “athlete not registered” to registered athlete if you change your mind too.

Athlete Not Registered
This membership is for those who with to take part in club only training or events, i.e. those organised by Port Hills Athletic club only.

Social Membership
This membership is for those who do not take part in any athletic activity, including walking or cycling, in Port Hills or any other athletic club or those who are full members of another athletic club. Social members may include club supporters, officials, administrators, coaches or helpers.

Fees Breakdown

Depending on what membership option you select, the membership fees are comprised of multiple components.  The Port Hills Athletic club subscription comprises either $20 or $35. All other costs within your membership are paid to:

  • Athletics NZ
  • Athletics Canterbury
  • Canterbury Children’s Athletics (for summer junior track and field athletes)
  • Resource fees for maintenance of our track and field equipment
  • Fees to cover the costs for our coaches

For junior athletes who are registered to race in Winter, your pre-paid race entry fees cover the following events:

  • Lionel Fox Relays
  • Childrens Forest Relays
  • Jane Patterson
  • Holloway Memorials
  • Anglican Block Relays
  • Kennett Cup Steeples
  • Canterbury Cross Country
  • Lakeside Relay
  • Canterbury Road Champs

Events that are not covered by the race entry fee prepayment are:

  • Hagley Relays
  • Greta Valley Relays
  • Governors Bay to Lyttelton
  • Takahe to Akaroa Relays