Track & Field

The Track & Field section of the club operates from September through to March each year. We cater for all ages and offer specific training for the junior section of the club (ages 18 and under). If you’re older than 18, please get in touch via the Contact page and we can discuss what options are available for training for you depending on what discipline you’re interested in.

Track & Field 2019 & 2020

Here we go!! Track and field for 2019 & 2020 is about to start and Port Hills Athletic Club welcomes all existing and new members. Online registrations are now open. Go to our Join Now page for more details.

Key dates to put in your calendar as follows:

Training and Club Nights

Training start the week of 14th of October and club nights the week of 21st of October.

Parents Information Evening

Thursday, 17th of October at Hansen Park Club Rooms, we have a parents information evening – 6-6:30. All Parents Please.

Club Night

Club nights cater for ages 11 and under and involve the children experiencing and competing at a club only level allowing them a safe and fun environment to experience track and field. Club night operates on a Monday night from October through to March each year. See the Club Week below for more details on time and location.

Season Calendar

NOTE: The season calendar is subject to change. This is available as a PDF for download from here:

Track and Field Calendar last updated 28th Aug 2019

The Club Week

The club week shows the regular training & events that are on during the year along with the day, time and location where appropriate. To confirm if the training or event is actually on for a specific week, refer to the season calendar.

Club Night, 5:30PM to 7:00PM, Hansen Park
Club nights cater for ages 11 and under and involve the children experiencing and competing at a club only level allowing them a safe and fun environment to experience track and field.

5:00PM to 6:00PM, Hansen Park
Sprints and Middle Distance. This night caters for athletes aged 12 and older. The session includes:

  • Group warm up
  • Dynamic flexibility stretching
  • Core strength
  • Running form drills

Once the group has completed the above session, they are split out into separate groups for the Sprints and Middle Distance training.

5:30PM to 7:00PM, Hansen Park
Squad and Middle Distance Training. Middle distance training caters for athletes aged 12+ whilst squad training is for athletes aged 5 to 14 with technical rotations for run, jump or throw.

Athletes attending middle distance training are not to attend technical training immediately after. Please choose either session for training on Thursdays.

Junior Interclub, Morning, See A/C Website
For athletes aged 14 and under who register with Canterbury Children’s Athletics, there is a Saturday morning competition.

Senior Interclub, Afternoon, See A/C Website
For athletes aged 14 and older who are registered with Athletics Canterbury, there is a Saturday afternoon competition.

NOTE: There will be other events available for registered athletes provided by Athletics Canterbury. To keep informed, go to the Athletics Canterbury website and check the season calendar.

Competition Age

The age of junior athlete (Under 18) is his or her age as at 31st December for the season start year. If the season starts in the year 2019, the age of the athlete is taken as their age at 31st December 2019.

E.g. If an athlete is aged 9 on 31st December 2019 and turns 10 in 2020, their age for the entire season is 9.

Club Best Performances

The following document is for the best performances for Port Hills Athletics, Children’s Track & Field and shows any records that are also Canterbury records.

21st Apr 2019 Club Best Performances

To make an application for a Port Hills Athletic best performance, the following criteria and application are available:

Criteria For Best Performance

Application For Best Performance

Our Track & Field Team

Amanda LandersJunior Club Captain Track & Field
To contact by phone, call 02041377822
Kevin JagoSenior Club Captain Track & Field
To contact by phone, call 0211166415
The Track & Field Committee
Frouke Geertsma
Don Chittock
Nikki McAven
Sonya Hazlett