Presidents Report

Hello members and welcome to our first newsletter for 2019. As you can see, this is coming to you from our new website. I’ve spent a few hours working on this, primary reason was in relation to the old website host no longer being suitable for our club with the odd outage causing me no end of concern!!

We’d love some more testimonials for the front page of the website too so if you’d like to add to these, please get in touch via my email or the Contact page on the website. Also, if you can take a look through the site and see if there’s anything you’d like added/improved upon too, I’d love to have these sent through.

There should be a good set of reports coming to you from the team too about the various activities taking place over the summer. There’s been plenty happening as usual within all sections of the club. The 5K series has been absolutely amazing too with some close finishes in all events making for some exciting results.

Hopefully you’ve all had a break and ready to get into what 2019 has to offer you. A very busy summer calendar is coming up with a lot of events being hosted locally including the New Zealand Track & Field Championships.

See you out there!!


The Life of Clubs

Did you see the article in The Pressa few weeks ago about the decline of clubs?  It certainly made me think.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the clubs have been changing for a very long time.  It’s not a new thing.  What matters is a club’s culture and how it adapts.

I first joined St Martins – the forerunner of Port Hills – in 1978. Cross country was definitely a winter sport.  The season had a clear start and finish:  opening day and closing.  It’s true that attendance at club runs and interclub events was much higher what we see now.  But now we have way more training sessions and activities in a week than back then.  People are involved at different times.  Plus, in 1978, it was largely a men’s club – very few women at all.

Fast forward 40+ years.  Social change has impacted on all sports clubs.  Work stops young adults committing weekend time.  And there are many more options for getting and staying fit.  Most clubs have a membership hole in the 20-35 age group. Port Hills is no different.

But Port Hills adapts and stays strong.  We have robust numbers:  361 at the last count.  That’s 213 under 18’s and 148 over 18’s.  Membership numbers that would be the envy of any athletics club.  What is it about Port Hills that keeps us successful?

Strong junior section:  The parents, coaches and organisers of our junior section do an amazing job.  Great numbers at club nights, on Saturdays at NgāPuna Wai and at the Colgates.   I know that the flow through to the senior ranks is not strong.  It’s always been that way.  But lots of kids have become excited about athletics, a few do stay through their teenage years and into their 20’s, plus we attract some parents as active members as well.

Stalwarts.  They are those members whose service to the club you don’t count in years.  You count it in decades!  Look at the grey heads doing the helping jobs at the 5k series.  Look at the coaches and organisers who have run training sessions for many years.  They are the stalwarts.

Flagship events:  Our two flagship events – the 5k series and Crater Rim  –contribute a lot to local running life.  And they are also wonderful ways to promote the Port Hills name. It was a masterstroke to recognise the growth of trail running, and to extend Crater Rim promoting it nationally and internationally.  A true example of the club adapting.

Everyone is valued:  It doesn’t matter if you are an elite runner or a slow jogger, everyone is valued and respected at Port Hills.  And encouraged.  Make an improvement in a race time and someone will compliment you for it.  Make an effort as you cross the finish line and several Port Hills members will applaud you.

Everyone is welcomed:  There’s an open door to anyone at our club activities.  Hopefully, they like what they see and want to stay.  I know some people see Parkrun as a threat to Port Hills, but I see it is an opportunity.  The worldwide Parkrun movement is bringing people into our sport. A true international movement. It’s great when a Port Hills member, who does Parkrun, invites along a fellow Parkrunner to a Port Hills session. Let them feel the running friendship and hopefully they will want to come back.

Pay it forward:  The spirit of helping others is deep within Port Hills.  There was a great example of that at 5k race 4 recently.  Thomas Coleman – who has just moved into the over 18 group – was there helping.  Then he whipped off his hi-viz top to run the registered race.  He is one of our best athletes and would have been well placed. But he was running as a guide for para athlete Liam Pasfield.  That’s the Port Hills spirit.

Kevin Knight

Senior Club Captain (Cross Country, Road & Trail)

Crater Rim Ultra 2019

The Crater Rim Ultra team have already met and have set our race weekend for 2019.

Runners, Volunteers and Marshals will be required again for another successful event for our mighty Port Hills Athletic Club.

Please lock the weekend of Friday 11th through to Sunday 13th Oct. 2019 into your calendars and we look forward to seeing you all again.

Happy summer running,


Race Director 2019

Steddys Progress

William Stedman has a season which is a bit different this  year with no major events in 2018, and the World Champs in Dubai not until November 2019 . Thus the opportunity has been taken to have a steady build up over the winter and spring and target the NZ Champs to gain performances which will qualify him for the World  Champs.

His first major competition was the NZ secondary schools Champs in Dunedin on the 30thNovember and 1stand 2ndof December, where he ran a personal best 200m of 25.86 into a strong head wind in the straight. He also had a creditable 5.37 long jump before he withdrew with a foot injury.

The following weekend at Nga Puna Wai he recorded  a personal best in the 400m of 54.71, and a NZ record long jump of 5.45. This took him to the top of the world ranking in his classification for the 400m. The following weekend at NPW he went even better with a 54.11 for the 400 and 5.56 for the long jump. These performances placed him well and truly first rankings in the world for 2018, not a bad start to the season.

After a break for Christmas he was back into training and travelled to Wellington on the 18thof January for the Capital Classic, where he continued his good form with a 5.41 long jump and a 54.83 400m. He returned to NPW on the Saturday to record a disappointing 400 in 58.11 but in very blustery nor west conditions.

Coming up he has the Porritt Classic in Hamilton on the 9thof February in Hamilton, the Canterbury Champs  on the 23rdand 24thFebruary then the National Champs in Christchurch on the 8th-10thMarch.

Why not come along and see him in action, otherwise watch this space!!

George Edwards

Track & Field Report

The season has been busy so far and is about to get busier. Since last report we have had NZ Secondary Schools Champs in Dunedin at the beginning of December, the South Island Champs ,the Lovelock Classic and the under age South Island teams competition for our athletes to participate in as well as the regular Saturday Interclub at Nga Puna Wai. While all our athletes have participated well, some have stood out.

Liliana Braun has had some good races with a good 1500m in the SI Teams Contest to come second in 5.07.30, but better still she recorded 4.50.34 to come second in the SI Champs, also for second. Then on the 26thJanuary she ran a good 800m, coming first in 2.22.65.

At the South Island Champs meeting Louis Howell came first in the 800m in 2.02.21, and ran even faster on the 26thJanuary for a 2.00.02 to come third.

Chloe Hughes has also been running well with a first on the 12thJanuary in the 800m in 2.22.88 then an even better first in the SI Teams meet in 2.20.70

Ayrton Shadbolt has also had some commendable results, coming second in both the 10,000m and 5000m at the twilight meeting on the 28thDecember, then recording a first place in the 2000m steeple chase at the SI Teams meeting in 6.27.49.

Other club athletes competing  with distinction have included Leila Dunlop, Lili Ovendale, Matthew Clarke, Jackie Keenan, Jaime Van der Voort, Robyn Van der Voort, Max Hebbard, Eva Pringle, Jasper Moss and Beth Hunter, but time precludes recording all their results. These can be accessed on the Athletics Canterbury website.

And we mustn’t forget our sizeable contingent of masters achieving notable results week in week out. These include the evergreen Glen Watts, Julie Roots, Max Wood, Rick Harlow, Shirley Rolston and Bernadette Jago. Excuse any omissions as its quite a mission to trawl through all the results. Well done everyone and keep it up!!

George Edwards

An Ode to Glen!

There was a great woman called GLEN

She was the boss of the Port Hills, ladies and men.

Every Wednesday morning without a doubt

She was at the Club ready to shout.

Always reading the notices and results

And sometimes even dishing insults.

She would not let a birthday go by

Or tell us if someone was going to die.

There was a great woman called Glen

She brings out that blackboard and never a pen

Every week we try and guess that song

Really it shouldn’t take that long.

So often she would say…

Its time for a new photo today.

We would all often grumble

But I think we should be more humble.

Before she tells us to all ‘bugger off’

Look after each other she would scoff.

There was a great woman called Glen

She was just like a lovely mother hen.

You do so much for us all at the club

Even reminding us to pay up our sub.

I would often hear her shout ‘Jill get out of that shower’

You’ve been in there at least an hour.

Glen…we want to all say… thank you

For all the many things you do.

The Christmas toy appeal… you so kindly agree to donate

Will give you the welcome …. at the pearly gate.

There was a great woman called Glen

Thank god we have her………….AMEN.

Jill Callon

Thanks to all the generous gifts that were donated by Club members to the Womens Refuge before Christmas.  Glen Watts does so much for the club and as a thank you we set up a Christmas Toy Appeal. This meant Glen didn’t get any presents but the children did. Thanks Glen.

Photo with Glen and Womens Refuge staff member and photo with Glen and Jill about to distribute the gifts.

Race Results Roundup

26 January 2019 Points Race 3 8k Handicap

Place Gross Time Handicap Net Time Net Place Athlete
1st 59:20 2:00 57:20 11th Shirley Rolsten
2nd 61:08 20:00 41:08 4th Peter Bayliss
3rd 61:17 2:00 59:17 12th= Bob Fyfe
4th 62:10 12:00 50:10 7th John Caughley
5th 62:51 3:00 59:51 14th Glyn Williams
6th 64:57 12:00 52:47 8th Terry Warren
7th 65:27 33:00 32:57 1st Paul Johnston
8th 66:20 33:00 33:20 2nd Nick Rutter
9th 66:44 13:00 53:44 9th Jos Galavazi
10th 67:09 11:00 56:09 10th Eric Saxby
11th 67:25 0:00 67:25 15th Colleen Donaldson
12th 67:55 27:00 40:55 3rd Peter Daly
13th 69:15 27:00 42:15 5th Robyn Daly
14th 70:17 11:00 59:17 12th Mark Russell
15th 74:57 27:00 47:57 6th Peter King

5 January 2019 Points Race 2 – 3000m/400m/100m


1st – 12.46 – Nick Rutter
2nd= – 17.06 – Peter Daly
2nd= – 17.06 – Robyn Daly
4th – 18.03 – Peter King
5th – 19.20 – John Caughley
6th – 20.07 – Terry Warren
7th – 20.29 – Mark Russell
8th – 20.42 – Bob Fyfe
9th – 22.47 – Julie Roots
10th – 23.32 – Kevin Knight
11th – 23.47 – Shirley Rolston


1st– Nick
2nd– Peter D
3rd– Peter K
4th– Robyn
5th– Mark
6th– Terry
7th– Shirley
8th– Kevin
9th– John
10th– Bob
11th– Julie
12th– Kay


1st– Nick
2nd– Peter D
3rd– Peter K
4th– Kevin
5th– Mark
6th– Robyn
7th– Terry
8th– John
9th– Shirley
10th– Julie
11th– Bob
12th– Kay

15 December 2018 Points Race 1 6k

1st= – 24.36 – Paul Johnston
1st= – 24.36 – Nick Rutter
3rd  – 29.44 – Robyn Daly
4th – 39.11  – Jos Galavazi
5th – 39.47 – Terry Warren
6th  – 41.31 – Mark Russell
7th – 46.57 – Glyn Williams
8th – 61.31 – Bob Fyfe
9th – 63.19 – Peter Daly

19 January 2019 St James Stampede 50k – Hanmer

Brendan Whittington – 7hrs 49m

31 March 2019 – Pete Watts Relay – Nga Puna Wai

At this stage I have no confirmed details on the relay format, but basing it on past years, if you would like to be in a team, please contact me with an honest 4k time with contact number. PLEASE DO NOT tell me when I am out as there is a good possibility that I may forget!!!

Glen Watts   0277758716

Photos Top Left to Right

Geoff looks the part; Spencer sings with his phone; Jill with Santa Ray; Glitter Girls; Louie out of the blocks; Peter D, Bob F & Glyn; Nick & Paul; Robyn; Terry, Jos & Mark, Aryton, Bernie; Friday group; Marion & Geoff entertain the group.

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